Thursday, June 14, 2018

Getting new glasses with Glasses Direct

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember this post I wrote over two years ago now, about buying new glasses with Glasses Direct. I absolutely love the convenience of ordering through them, and was a big fan of the glasses I bought, so when they got in touch recently to ask if I wanted to try out their own brand range I couldn't resist.

Glasses Direct currently offer almost 200 glasses in their own brand range and the frame prices start as low as £20, which makes glasses incredibly affordable. As mentioned in my last post, one of my favourite parts of buying frames through Glasses Direct is the fact that they offer a home trial, meaning you can get frames delivered straight to your door for you to try on. I ordered two home trials before picking out my glasses, and I was honestly so impressed with all eight styles that I tried on. 

In my first home trial I tried on Andi, Planet 38, Solo 571 and Olivia. The frames ranged in price between £20 and £49, and they were all completely different from each other. My favourite out of the four were the Solo 571, which had the graduated colour of blue to brown. 

My second home trial conststed of Planet 51, Planet 03, Quinn and Solo 591. Again, the frames ranged between £20 and £49. My favourite pair of the four were the Solo 591. 

In the end, I was torn between the two, so I did a third home trial and ordered both pairs each in two different colours. It was really helpful, and let me see both the frames together, and the two different colour options for each that I was torn between. 

Ultimately, I went for the Solo 591 frames as I loved how they looked on me, and I really liked the blue colouring on them. I've been wearing them for the last few weeks, and I'm incredibly happy with their performance so far. Not only did they turn up within a week of the order being placed, they're also great frames and nobody can guess they cost as little as £20! 

Not only do Glasses Direct offer great frames for incredible prices, if you purchase a pair that are £49 or more, you can also make use of their 2 for 1 offer, which would mean you'd get a second pair of frames for free! 

Let me know if you end up purchasing any glasses through them, and if so, which frames!

Sophie x
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