Thursday, May 17, 2018

Theatre Round Up | January

I know, I know, I'm blogging about January, and we're already in May. I'm behind. I get it.

Anyway, one of my goals for this year was to see twenty shows at the theatre. To begin with, I had decided that it wouldn't matter if there were some repeats in there, but considering I've seen fifteen shows alone this year, I definitely think I'll make it to twenty unique shows.

As this blog is as much for me, as it is for you, I thought I'd use it to keep track of what I've been to see so far this year, starting with January. January was a great month for theatre, as I went to four shows.

Mamma Mia

Even though I'm a big fan of the movie, it took me a good while to get round to seeing Mamma Mia on stage. I'm so so glad that I ended up going, as the show is phenomenal. I booked a ticket through the app TodayTix when they had an offer on towards the end of last year, and only paid £12.50 for it. I was sat in row J of the dress circle, and although there is some overhang from the grand circle, it didn't block any of the staging of the show. The show itself was like a breath of fresh air. It was nice to see a story that I loved in a slightly different way, and in fact, in the way that it originally came about. The real highlight for me was Georgina Castle. She was a phenomenal Sophie, and really made the role her own.

School of Rock

One show that I'd really contemplated seeing was School of Rock, but again, we got such a good price on the tickets, so I couldn't resist. In contrary to Mamma Mia, I went to see the show with six of my friends, and I'm pretty certain we all loved it. We were split between row A and B in the circle, and we had a side view. Although it could be distracting seeing things going on in the wing, it was still a great seat and we saw everything happening on stage. I can't talk about this show without saying how absolutely phenomenal the kids are in it. Every single one of them played their various instruments live, and they're honestly some of the most talented kids I've ever seen, especially in a show. The storyline follows the same plot as the movie, however it has an entirely original soundtrack, full of great musical numbers from an array of characters. It's definitely one I don't regret seeing, and I've caught myself singing some of the numbers in the months since I went to see it.


Now, if you've seen any of the hype around this show, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how utterly brilliant it is, but my word is it just that. I actually saw Hamilton for the first time back in the previews in December, however, that was a very spontaneous booking, and I was in the second to last row of the upper circle. The tickets for this show were the ones that we'd booked back in January last year. Sophie and I paid a lot for them, but we went on my birthday, were sat second row of the stalls and it was so worth it. The show itself is incredible. I'd been obsessed with the soundtrack for about two years prior to seeing it, and it was just amazing seeing it come to life. Back in December I saw alternate Hamilton, Ash Hunter, so this was my first time seeing Jamael Westman. As somebody who couldn't imagine anyone other than Lin-Manuel Miranda playing him, Jamael was absolutely phenomenal and is the perfect Hamilton. The other stand-outs in the cast had to be Tarinn Callender, who plays Hercules Mulligan & James Madison, and Cleve September who plays John Laurens & Philip Hamilton. I've seen the show again since, and have it booked another three times this year. Obsessed? Maybe, but it's the best piece of theatre I've ever seen.


The last show of the month was Annie, which we squeezed in knowing it was ending it's run just a few weeks later. Although I would have loved to have seen Miranda playing Miss Hanigan, Meera Syal did an incredible job, and actually made the perfect Miss Hanigan. Again, just like School of Rock, the kids in the show were incredible. We were sat in the middle of the grand circle, and although we got a full view of the stage, it was, at times, difficult to really make out facial expressions. It was a shame that we weren't closer, but all in all I'm glad I actually got to see it before the run ended, and it'd be a shame if it didn't end up making a return to the West End in a few years.

That's all for January, but there's definitely more to come over the next few months whilst I catch up on these posts! Have you seen any great shows recently? I'd love to know!

Sophie x
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