Sunday, October 09, 2016

My Skincare Favourites

Finding skincare products that work for me has always been difficult. I'll try something new for a month or two, and then my skin starts to get worse. Over the past few months, I feel like I've found a regime that really works for me, so I thought I'd share the products that I love the most with you.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion - Lush

I have tried SO MANY cleansers, but this one just seemed to work wonders for me. It's so quick and easy to use but left my skin feeling wonderful. It's a runny liquid that you massage into your face and then wash off with a hot washcloth. It's made me start cleansing my face in the morning too (which I know I should have been doing) and after a couple of months, I've definitely noticed the difference. I do still get the odd spot here and there from stress/hormones but I think they'll appear no matter how good I get with my skincare routine!

Ocean Salt - Lush

Another Lush product, of course. I picked up a small tub of Ocean Salt about 3-4 months ago now, and loved it so much I went back for the bigger pot when it ran out. Ocean Salt is a brilliant exfoliator to get rid of those dry patches, and it's also antibacterial to help with those pesky break-outs. Lush have gone above and beyond with this product, as it comes in four different versions - the regular, self-preserving, alcohol-free and one that's both self-preserving and alcohol-free! I tend to go for the self-preserving, but go for whichever one suits you best!

Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil - Dr Botanicals*

This gorgeous smelling facial oil was sent to me from the Dr Botanicals team a few months ago, and although I didn't start using it religiously at first, over the past two months I've been using it nightly after cleansing my face. A few droplets seem to cover my entire face, and it soaks in pretty well, which means I don't feel too oily before bed. I've seen my skin really benefiting from it, and it smells so so lovely, which is always a plus! If you're looking for a new oil to try, I'd definitely give this one a go!

Ultra Facial Moisturiser - Kiehl's

This moisturiser was recommended to me by a friend, as something to use before applying makeup in the mornings. Annoyingly, I waited until I went over to the US to get it (they didn't have the smaller size in duty-free) and because of the rubbish exchange rate, it was more expensive than if I'd have bought it over here! I have definitely noticed a difference using it, as although I usually have dry patches on my face, my makeup has been going on top nice and smoothly. It's got a nice smell, applies really nicely and as I said I've definitely seen the benefit. It comes with an without the SPF, but as someone who regularly forgets about applying suncream to their face, the added SPF was ideal!

I've also been using the sample I was given of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, and have been really loving it. I think it'll be one to pick up when I'm next in duty-free!

Sophie x

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