Monday, July 25, 2016

Favourite Five - Albums

So if we're Facebook friends, or you're following me on twitter you probably already know, but I have some pretty awesome news to share - I passed my driving test! It was my third one (all the best drivers pass on their third test apparently) and I am so so happy that all the lessons/tests are over with! As I'm going to be listening to A LOT of music in the car, I thought I'd do another Favourite Five post and share the 5 albums I currently can't get enough of!

Last Year Was Complicated - Nick Jonas

For those of you that knew me 5 or so years ago, you'd know that I was a MASSIVE Jonas Brothers fan, and out of the three, Nick was my absolute favourite. I wasn't a huge fan of his first solo album but I honestly cannot get enough of this. It's so good, and I could listen to it on repeat. My favourite tracks are Chainsaw and Bacon.

Storyteller - Carrie Underwood

I've been a Carrie Underwood fan for a while now and got to see her at Country 2 Country in March. She was incredible, and since then I've had her album on repeat. I absolutely adore this latest album, although love her old stuff too, and my favourite tracks would have to be Church Bells and The Girl You Think I Am. 

Peroxide - Nina Nesbitt

So Kelsey suggested I should listen to Nina a good few months back, but I'm very set in my ways with music and didn't til about a month ago. I honestly regret waiting so long as I am OBSESSED with her voice, and honestly, I love this album so much. I love the tone of her voice, her music style and just the songs in general. My favourite tracks on Peroxide would have to be Two Worlds Away and He's The One I'm Bringing Back.

Hero - Maren Morris

I'd seen a few friends tweeting about how good Maren was, but it wasn't until I saw her at Country 2 Country that I finally understood. I absolutely love her new album, and couldn't resist buying it as soon as it came out. My Church holds a dear place in my heart after C2C, but I'm also a big fan of Sugar and I Wish I Was.

Start Here - Maddie & Tae

Another country album, and another duo that I saw at Country 2 Country. I was a fan of the girls before I saw them, but I had only listened to a few songs. After seeing them, I knew their album was one to add to my playlists, and I'm so so glad I did. They're incredible, and definitely my favourite duo/group around at the moment! My favourite tracks would have to be Girl In A Country Song and Shut Up And Fish.

Are there any albums you can't get enough of at the moment? I'd love to hear!

Sophie x
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