Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection

Okay, I admit it, I have a bit of an addiction to Disney's Tsum Tsums. To be honest, I have nowhere near as many as I've seen a few people have, but my collection is getting there. As I've been loving looking at other's collections recently (tweet me posts/pictures etc if you have any!) I thought I'd share mine, and tell you a few stories behind some of them.

Now I only have the mini size Tsum Tsums, and the first I picked up was a Minnie Mouse one, back in August last year on a shopping trip with Sophie. I had to go for a classic, so knew Minnie was the one that I wanted first, although I then fell in love with them and a few hours later went back to get Eeyore. I then grew my collection, gradually picking up Sven, Marie and Daisy over a few months.

When we went to Disneyland Paris in December, I knew I wanted to get one to remember the trip, but their collection honestly was quite disappointing. In the end I went for Duffy Bear, as I knew I wouldn't get him back in England.

I could not resist getting Sadness when I did a Disney Store order for a birthday present, as she is just so cute. She isn't actually my favourite out of the film, but I was only letting myself get the one from that collection at the time, and she was cuter than Disgust. 

Peter Pan was bought at the same time as Sadness (I got him for Kelsey too!) and then Wendy was bought a month or so after, as I wanted the pair of them. I knew that I had to have the two together, because they are my favourite pair.

Thor is my only Marvel Tsum Tsum, and he has a bit of a story behind him. He was bought on the day that I had an interview at Disney. I had an interview for a Social Media role in London and there was a Thor poster on the wall in the interview room. As a little treat to myself for getting so far as an interview, I thought I'd buy him to remember the occasion. 

My most recent purchases were Pascal and Rapunzel from the Tangled collection that came out in March. I love Tangled, and knew that I wanted Pascal so headed to the Disney Store right after work on release day. They were selling SO fast, that I knew that I'd miss out if I didn't get Rapunzel that day too.

There are a few on my list that I really want, but with a lot of them they're no longer on sale here in the UK. I was gutted to have missed getting Perla and Suzy from the Cinderella collection, and although I've seen Jaq and Gus in Clintons I don't want to get them without the other two. I also would love to have Tinkerbell in my Peter Pan collection, and Ariel is super cute as well! The other two I've been meaning to get my hands on are Chip and Dale, because they were two of my favourite to meet in DLP. 

Do you collect Tsum Tsums? I'd love to see your collection!

Sophie x
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