Monday, February 08, 2016

Lush Chelmsford's Mother's Day Event

On Saturday I got to go to my first ever Lush bloggers event, at my nearest store in Chelmsford. I actually got invited to their Valentines event last month but it clashed with something so I couldn't attend. The event this time was themed around their Mother's Day products, so it was a chance for us to hear about the new range, test some out and even make a few of their Butterball bath bombs ourselves!

For those of you that know me, you know I'm a pretty big Lush fan, so I was super excited to attend. Hearing about the new and returning Mother's Day products was super exciting, and I loved almost all of them.

We got to have a feel of the newly returned Yummy Mummy, which is now a shower cream as opposed to a gel. It's got a really nice finish to it, and looks like it could pass as a bottle of purple paint. We then took a look at the Rose Bombshell bath bomb, which I particularly loved. As you can see above, it turned the water a gorgeous cloudy pink shade, and then had a lovely rose petal surprise in the middle. We also tested out the Ladybird bubble bar, which smelt gorgeous. It's got peppermint and geranium oils in it, and the combination is just divine. There was also the Flowering Tea reusable bubble bar, which I wasn't too much of a fan of scent wise (which makes me super sad as I love tea) and we also took a look at the Sunrise soap which was gorgeous.

Then we move onto the new gift sets. Starting with the smallest/cheapest first, they have the Love You Mum gift, which has two products in for around £10. Then there's the Ladybird and Thanks Mum gifts, which have three products in each. Ladybird is a bath focused set, and includes the Sunflower bubble bar, which is a gift set and Oxford Street exclusive, whereas Thanks Mum is more shower based. There's then the Just For Mum gift, which comes in a stunning box and has five bath bombs in, the Mum gift, which contains six products including the Sunflower bubble bar, and then the Happy Mothers Day gift, which is definitely my favourite. The Happy Mothers Day gift comes in a brightly coloured planter, and not only does it contain 8 favourites, it also comes with seeds that can then be planted in it.  

After taking a look at all of the new range, we got hands on and got to make three of the Butterball bath bombs, which are one of my favourites. I was pretty impressed with the three I made. We also got given a Ladybird bubble bar to take home each, and samples of the Yummy Mummy and Prince Charming shower gels. I also picked up a few bits, as I hadn't got a chance to see the Valentines products, so picked up a Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Lovers Lamp bath bomb and then the Rose Bombshell from the Mother's Day collection.

Lush have an absolutely gorgeous range of Mother's Day products, so definitely make sure you check them out!

Sophie x
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