Saturday, January 02, 2016

Work Hard. Do Good. Be Incredible.

Happy New Year wonderful blog readers! If you haven't already noticed, Follow Your Arrow is no more. With 2016 now here, so is Sophie Kean - my newly re-branded blog that covers various aspects of my life. I want this to be a place for me to share who I am, and so it's definitely right for me to say new year, new start.

I am never one to keep track of any resolutions I set, but I decided that I have a few goals that I do want to set for the year, both personal and blog related.

Be happy
I'm continuing this one from last year. Last year was a year of learning and finding myself again. It was a year of trying to be happy, and putting myself first. Although I feel a lot more confident in myself as a person, I definitely want to focus on happiness again this year.

Read more
I say this every year, and although I set myself a goal of 22 books last year (and then didn't reach it) I don't want to set myself a set number this year. My goal is to read more than I did last year, and to write about the books I read more on the blog. I've always had a passion for books and reading, but I've lost it a little over the past year or so and I'd like it back.

Write more
I want to write more meaningful things. I don't want to just throw blog posts together quickly because I need to get one published. I want to write, and to tell my story more than I have previously. I sometimes get scared, because I know friends and family read my blog, but I want to just have this as my place to share things that are important to me.

Take chances
This is one I started to do in 2015, but really want to do more of. I want to start taking more risks. I want to start taking chances and not being scared of the unknown. I'm the sort of person that loves to stay in my comfort zone, and I really need to start pushing the boundaries more

Up my Instagram game
I've seen a few bloggers say this, but it's definitely been on my mind this year. I've never really focused on having an instagram aesthetic, but I really want to find one. I'm going to attempt to have a theme, and to keep my instagram looking as great as so many of those that I follow.

I do have a few other little things I'd like to achieve this year, but they're things that will happen if they happen, and I won't beat myself up about them if they don't. I'd love to pass my driving test, visit Canada again and see more of the UK.

I've decided that this year is going to be a great one, and I know it'll only be that if I keep in that mindset. I want to make this year the best that I can, and I'm going to make that happen one day at a time.

Sophie x
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