Friday, January 08, 2016

Lush Boxing Day Haul

As a Lush addict, the only sale I was really bothered on boxing day this year was there's. Somehow I managed to place an order pretty early on in the day, which surprised me after seeing everyone's tweets about it. Last year I think I ordered about 6 bath bombs once I got through, but I decided to have a little bit more of a splurge this year, so I thought I'd show you what I ordered.

Dashing Santa bath bomb | Golden Wonder bath bomb | Father Christmas bath bomb

I'd tried all three of these before, but had only picked up Dashing Santa when I got a few bits from the Christmas range a few months back. I loved all three of these when I'd used them previously, so knew they had to go in the basket. I love that Father Christmas smells like Snow Fairy, and that Golden Wonder makes such a colourful bath when you use it.

Stardust bath bomb | Shoot For The Stars bath bomb | Magic Wand bubble bar

As you can tell by these three items, I clearly have a thing for stars. Stardust was a new addition to this year's Christmas range, and I picked one up as soon as I saw them. I loved the scent and the blue surprise in the centre. I think Shoot For The Stars is quite possibly my favourite Christmas bath bomb that Lush do, as I love the effect it creates in the bath. The scent is gorgeous and the deep blue starry effect it creates is just magical. I'd put off buying the Magic Wand bubble bar originally as I bought Candy Mountain which also has the Snow Fairy scent. I absolutely love the idea of this wand, as it seems much easier than breaking up Candy Mountain and so I can't wait to use it.

Snow Angel bath melt | So White bath bomb

These are another two products that I picked up the year before in the sale and couldn't resist repurchasing. I love the Snow Angel bath melt as it has such a delicate but beautiful scent. The amount of glitter on the bottom half is a little off-putting, but it does rinse off quite easily. So White is definitely a bath bomb that they should have all year round as it's gorgeous. It smells like crisp apples and although it looks plain on the outside, it's beautifully bright in the centre as it melts.

Big solid conditioner | Rub Rub Rub solid scrub | Snow Fairy shower gel

As I'm usually the sort of person that sticks to bath bombs/melts and face masks when it comes to Lush, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and order a few other things. I'd used the solid shampoo bars in the past, and loved the idea of this conditioner bar. It's meant to strengthen hair as well as give it a beautiful shine, so I can't wait to use it. I also picked up the Rub Rub Rub solid scrub, which has a gorgeous scent and seems like a really lovely product. I really like using scrubs on my legs as they get a little dry in the winter, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Finally, I got a bottle of Snow Fairy, which I haven't owned in the shower gel form for a good number of years. I love the scent in other products so I'm hoping I still love it as a shower gel. 

Butterbear tin

The last item I couldn't resist was this lovely Butterbear tin that contains six of the bath bombs. The butterball bath bombs are fairly simple but are always a favourite of mine, especially with a strong scented bubble bar. The tin was the main seller for me, as it's now holding almost all of my bath bombs.

Did you pick anything up in the Lush boxing day sale?

Sophie x
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