Wednesday, December 09, 2015

#Blogcember | Winter Beauty Essentials

I did a post similar to this last year, and it was by far my most popular #Blogmas post last year. I decided I'd do another this year, as I've found more beauty products that I definitely consider winter essentials. Some of those from last year I'm still using, but these are the ones most prominent in my current day-to-day life.

Heel Genius by Soap & Glory
Feet are always something people forget (me included) but they definitely deserve some attention. My skin gets quite dry over the winter, and that includes my feet, so this foot cream is a great product to add to my nightime routine. I love the scent, and it's just a great product, as most Soap & Glory products are.

Cow Pat by Cowshed
I try to use hand cream quite often anyway, but make sure I apply it multiple times a day over the winter. I got this one from my November Birchbox, and I absolutely love it. It's the first Cowshed product I've tried, but I actually had my nails done at Cheeky last month, so know of them as a brand. Definitely make sure you have a hand cream in your bag over the winter months though, and apply it as regularly as you need, because your hands will love you for it!

Nourishing Miracle Oil by Lee Stafford
I actually won this product back in January at the London Bloggers Meet. I've used it on and off throughout the year, but it's been more prominent in the last month or two because I've realised that the cold weather dries out my hair. I've also been struggling with my scalp being quite dry, and although this doesn't help with that, it does make the ends of my hair feel lovely and moisturised.

Nail Apothecary Cuticle Elixir by Elegant Touch
I've never really paid much attention to the skin around my nails, but it's always been rather dry. I didn't really think about it much until I got my nails done last month, and they pointed it out. Using the oil on my cuticles overnight leaves them in a better condition, especially combined with rubbing hand cream into them throughout the day too!

Vitamin Hydrating Mist by First Aid Beauty
I actually first heard of First Aid Beauty from my friend Megan who lives in the States. I didn't think of getting any over there in June, but spotted it recently on Feel Unique. I decided it was time to test it, and got this hydrating mist particularly because I use a mineral powder foundation, and it could work as a setting spray. Its so nice to use when I just want a bit of a moisture boost, and this and the product below have definitely made me fall in love with the brand!

Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty
Now this is the product of theirs that I knew I definitely wanted to try, and I'm so glad I did. It can be used anywhere on the body, but I use this as my face cream morning and evening. I have fairly sensitive skin, and it doesn't make me react at all. I also think it works well under my foundation, and I'm definitely a little sad I didn't purchase the larger tub. There's always next time though, right?

The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory
Last but not least, we have my favourite all-rounder for the season. I love Soap & Glory and feel you can never go wrong with their body butter to keep your body nice and moisturised. It smells gorgeous, has such a nice texture and I've been making sure to keep moisturised with it on a daily basis.

What are your beauty essentials for winter? Let me know!

Sophie x

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