Monday, December 21, 2015

#Blogcember | Stationery Haul

I love stationery. I think I said that in my Winter Box of Lame unboxing post at the beginning of the month, but it's true. I could spend hours is a book shop or stationery shop, more so than I could spend in a clothes shop. I used to love September coming round so I could buy new stuff for school, and although it's not quite the same now I still love buying more notebooks than I need. I've picked up a few really cute bits in the last few months, and I thought I'd share them with you. 

17 month planner by Ban.Do
Now I actually ordered this from the Canadian bookshop Indigo to my friends house in Ontario, as at the time they weren't stocked in the UK. Since then they started selling on ASOS, but mine still worked out cheaper than ordering from there. The planners were all so gorgeous and in the end I went for this gold one, although loved the others just as much. 

Magnetic bookmarks from Indigo
For free delivery to Kelsey's house for the planner, I had to spend a little more than it was, and so also ordered these adorable magnetic bookmarks. They're great as they hold the place of a book really well, and I also loved the adorable designs on them. I've had magnetic ones before but they were a lot smaller and these are such a great size.

Notebooks from TKMaxx
One of the girls at work told me that TKMaxx have a great range of notebooks, and on various visits I've picked up these three. The first caught my eye as I loved the stripes and the positive message - it's such a great reminder to see everytime I look at my notebook. The second I picked up because it's pretty true, and I just loved the design. The third is smaller than the first two, but I loved the blue and the simple 'dream' that it said on the front.

It looks as though black, white, gold and blue have been my go-to colours when it comes to stationery recently! Have you picked up any cute notebooks or diaries from anywhere?

Sophie x

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