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#Blogcember | November Favourites

I'm not sure whether I didn't have much to write about in October, or whether I just didn't feel like doing a favourites, but either way I'm back to do one for November! This post actually kicks off #Blogcember on Follow Your Arrow which means there'll be a blog post for every day of December (hopefully) including a couple of Disney related posts as I'm off to Disneyland Paris in a couple of weeks. It's also the last month of the blog being named Follow Your Arrow, but there'll be more to come on that soon!

So let's get to it. Here are a few of my favourite things in November...

New Look Pure Colour Matte Lipstick Lip Colour in Plum
Now that name is a bit of a mouthful (lol) but I am honestly super impressed with this lipstick. It is a little difficult to apply, as if it's not smooth it does look slightly patchy once dry, but it's not horrific. I actually picked it up to try as I became a fan of liquid lipstick after getting some of the Sephora Cream Lip Stains when I was over in North America in June. I also got one to send for Kelsey's birthday, as she introduced me to the Sephora ones. At just £3.99 I was super impressed, and definitely want to try out a couple more colours. 

Barry M Speedy in Sprint Finish
Now this is pretty much the same colour as the lipstick above, and clearly I'm a sucker for berry shades this time of year. I hate painting my nails, as I feel like I take the polish off pretty much straight away half the time due to it smudging. This polish has been a saviour, as it dries nice and fast. After getting a few of the Speedy polishes in summer, I couldn't resist this shade, and am so glad that Barry M is continuously bringing out new colours in the range. It's definitely a range that I'm a fan of.

So Susan Featherlash Mascara
Now this was a full-sized product in my November Birchbox, and as I was almost out of my previous mascara I decided to try it out. I have never really found a mascara I love enough to buy again, which is rather irritating but it also means I get to test out a few. I really love how natural this one looks, but it also curls and lengthens my rather short/straight lashes. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it in terms of a re-purchase, but for now it's doing it's job.

Soap & Glory Eyes Box
I picked this up as an early Christmas present to myself, as I had a 25% off voucher for Boots. I absolutely adore the Soap & Glory Supercat liner, and I pretty much use it on a daily basis. I also really wanted to try the Archery brow pencil that they do, and as both were in the box and it came to roughly the same price as buying them seperately I decided to go for the extra 2 products, which I could definitely get some use out of. It's a great set to get for Christmas for anyone who loves doing their eyes!

Tangled phone case
I honestly struggle to find cases for my phone, as it's not one that places typically seem to make. Ebay is usually my friend, and having searched for some Disney ones recently I found this Tangled one that I loved. If I haven't already shouted it from the rooftops enough, I'm off to Disneyland Paris in less than two weeks for my first ever visit to a Disney park, and as a treat I decided to get a case for my trip. Tangled is my favourite Disney film, and this case it just perfect.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
Now truthfully, I'm only about half way through this as I've been struggling to take time out to read recently, but this book is brilliant. I absolutely adore Mindy and loved her first book, so I knew I wouldn't go wrong picking this one up. It's full of humour and great stories, and is great for picking up whenever you get the odd 5-10 minutes to read. I definitely can't wait to finish it. 

Sadness and Peter Pan Tsum Tsums
I absolutely love the mini Tsum Tsums, and now have 7 (Eeyore, Minnie, Sven, Marie, Daisy and these two). I couldn't resist buying myself a Peter, and when I saw how adorable Sadness was I had to get her two. I think the mice from Cinderella are next on my list, but that may change when I go to DLP!

That was definitely a long list of favourites for this month, but I couldn't resist putting them all in! What have you been loving throughout November?

Sophie x

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