Friday, November 06, 2015

Mini Lush Winter Haul

I love Lush. If I haven't said it before, I'm saying it now. I've previously done a couple of Lush hauls, including one from the Oxford Street store, but as their winter range is now in stores, I thought I'd share with you what I picked up!

Dashing Santa
Now this is one I picked up in my Christmas haul last year, and I absolutely loved it. This bath bomb has such a gorgeous scent, and the bath ends up looking super Christmas-y in red and gold. I can't wait to give this another try this year, although I may wait until December to use it!

Shoot For The Stars
This is another that I had last year, as I got a few of them in the boxing day sale. I love the smell of this the most out of them all, and I think it's because of the bergamot - I'm a huge Earl Grey tea fan! It creates gorgeous streams of white, yellow and pink in the bath, with the bath turning a deep blue colour - there's even silver glitter to make the water look like the night sky.

So White
This bath bomb is completely unsuspecting when looking at it, but as soon as it hits the bath the pink centre is revealed. I love the light crisp apple scent of this, and it's got bergamot in it too, so you can't go wrong there! It's another I had last year, and definitely one I was so glad to see again this year.

Star Dust
I believe this is a new bath bomb for this year, and it's honestly one of my favourites. Another unsuspecting one that turns a beautiful shade of blue when it hits the water and there are little stars in it too. I actually bought one of these a few weeks ago, but loved it so much I picked another up when I went back in!

Candy Mountain
My last pick for this mini haul was Candy Mountain, which smells just like Snow Fairy. I love Snow Fairy, and couldn't resist picking this up this year - it's the first time I've tried it! It was the last in the store, so it's a little misshapen and had the sign stuck in the top, but if it works the same who cares?

They were my picks from the winter range so far, however I'm sure I'll be back in to pick up some more bits soon! Have you got anything from the range? I'd love to know!

Sophie x

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