Monday, November 16, 2015

Birchbox X Skinny Dip

After last month's Birchbox delivery, I was meant to cancel my subscription. It wasn't because I wasn't happy with the box, but more because I like trying out different boxes. Turns out, I didn't cancel the subscription and found out when I got my dispatch email a week or so ago. I hadn't looked at what the box contained, so when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

Cow Pat Hand Cream by Cowshed (full size)
I actually had my nails done at Cowshed's 'naughty little sister' salon, Cheeky. I loved the salon, and so was pretty excited to get this hand cream in the box. I love the scent, and it's definitely going to come in handy (hehe) over the next few months of cold weather!

La Creme de Teint by Absolution
I haven't yet tried this tinted moisturiser, as I like sticking to the foundation that I use at the moment. I'm probably going to give it a try, but it's probably the product I'm least excited about in the box.

Featherlash Mascara by So Susan (full size)
I've almost ran out of my current mascara, so was excited about finding this when I opened the box. I've been using it for the past week, and am actually really loving it. It's not a brand I really knew of previously, but it wouldn't surprise me if I picked it up again after this one runs out.

Creme Acquaconfort by Delarom
This is another product that I was super excited to try, as my face gets really dry in the winter and I'm hoping it'll help. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and is made up of almond, apricot oils and vitamin E, all meant to nourish and soothe dehydrated skin - just what I need!

Silhoutette Neutral Lip Liner by Lord & Berry
Again, this is something that I was super happy to get in the box. I love wearing dark lips, but often worry about them bleeding as I'm not a fan of lip liner. This clear lip liner is perfect to outline the lips before applying lipstick, to make sure it sits perfectly on the lips. I honestly can't wait to give this a try!

Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum by English Laundry
Now I'm not a huge fan of using other perfumes, as I love the ones I switch between at the moment, but I definitely think I'll give this a try. It's a nice little addition in the box.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the box, but I have cancelled my subscription so that I can try something different next time. Have you tried a subscription box recently that you'd recommend?

Sophie x

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