Friday, October 09, 2015

She for She

On Wednesday, I went to an exclusive premiere evening gala of the new Suffragette movie. It was such an incredible film, and so worth-while watching. I understand that some people are upset that it's very white-feminist focused, but this was just one of the many stories from the Suffragette movement that they could have told, and it was just as important to tell.
I came away after watching it thinking about how little the other women supported this group, and it was rather upsetting. These women were fighting for the rights of other women across the country, and yet others were shunning them for what they were doing. It got me thinking about how little women support other women and that shouldn't be happening.

In today's society, things like slut-shaming exist, but it's not just men that are the culprit. Other women judge and degrade other women, for how they dress or how they act, but in reality women should be supporting other women. There are some women that are so completely against the term feminist, which seems ridiculous as in basic terms, a feminist is someone that believes in equal rights for both genders. Either these women are completely uneducated on the term, or they believe that women shouldn't be treated as equally as men. 

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Women just don't support other women as much as I believe they should. I understand that people get jealous and feel insecure, but they aren't reasons to knock other women down. Women in our society are doing wonderful things, and they deserve to be celebrated. Next time you see a woman that's done something that they should be proud of, let them know that you're proud of them too. Celebrate what they've achieved, however big or small. Tell them they're beautiful, and help them to believe in themselves. 

If we work together, we can live in a society of happiness and positivity, celebrating women for the wonderful things they're achieving.

Sophie x

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