Friday, October 23, 2015

Once a fangirl...

It’s taken me a while to get this post written. I was hesitant about it for a while, but mainly because I wasn’t sure what to say. On Sunday, when I got my first Living Lightly subscription email from Kelsey, there was a link to this article in it, and it made me want to write this even more.

As a teenager, I was a fangirl. Actually, saying was is wrong. I still am a bit of a fangirl. I was in love with a group of brothers, and they genuinely made me so happy. I was also in love with a blonde country singer, who also made me super happy. Their music was the soundtrack to my teens, and the people I met through both the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift became some of my closest friends. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Back then, I put up with the stick I got about being a fan, but I eventually got to a stage where I’d hide it when meeting new people. I wouldn’t let them know about the artists that kept me going when I felt sad, or the ones that allowed me to make friends all around the world. I hid that side of me, somewhat, and looking back now I regret it.

In 2014, I went to three out of the five shows that Taylor Swift did for her London leg of the Red Tour. I loved every single one of them, and they were all different (this is also pretty relevant). For those three shows, I let myself be that teenage girl I once was, and I dressed in costumes and sang my heart out. I don’t want that happiness to be shoved aside because somebody can’t accept that I am a fan of her music. I don’t want to forget the friendships I’ve made, or the thousands of people that I spent those evenings in that arena with, because they were wonderful.

There is nothing wrong with liking a band, or musician, no matter what genre of music they make. There is nothing wrong with feeling excitement when they announce something, or going to every show of their tour in your city, or just listening to them on a daily basis. It’s not okay to be judged for liking something that a teenage girl may like, because in all honesty there’s nothing wrong with that.

When my Ultimate Fan Edition of the new One Direction album turns up next month, I will happily show that I own it, because I am proud to be a fangirl.

Sophie x

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