Monday, September 07, 2015

What I bought in North America...

I can't believe I've been back from North America for almost three months now. I've been holding on to this post for a little while, as I wanted to get my #SophAcrossThePond posts up first and there was a lot of them. Here are (almost) all of the things that I bought whilst I was there:

One of the main things I wanted to pick up over there were a pair of Keds, and I ended up coming back with three pairs. I looked for some in Canada, but ended up getting my first pair (the black polka dot ones) for $30 in Indiana. Over here they cost around £35-£45, so I was happy with my £20 pair. I then went to Macy's on my last day in New York, and I picked up the other two pairs in their 1 day sale for around £15 for both, which I really couldn't resist. They're super comfortable, and I now own 5 pairs of them!

One of the first bits I picked up in Canada was this Catch A Wrinkle In Time Day Moisturiser by Soap & Glory. Kelsey and I both spotted them in her local drug store, and they were on clearance, so were only a few dollars each. I love Soap & Glory products, but Kelsey hadn't tried any so we both couldn't resist.

One of the other places I really wanted to go to was Bath and Body Works. My friend Layla picked me up one of the hand sanitisers when she went to Dubai earlier this year, and so I knew that I wanted to bring a bunch of those home with me. The hand sanitisers were 5 for $5, so I came home with 10 bottles - I only kept around 4 for myself! I'm currently down to my last one, so if any of my lovely American friends want to send me a few more, they're very welcome. 

Bath and Body Works were also having a summer sale, so I picked up this adorable little candle in Georgia Peach, a foaming hand soap in Rio Samba Sunset and two of their 90s throwback sprays in Pearberry and White Tea and Ginger. I also grabbed a few of their miniature shower gels and moisturisers for gifts for friends, but gave these out before I could get pictures of them.

Moving on to beauty products, which were almost all lip products - I picked up a MAC lipstick for my friend in New York, and knew that I wanted to grab myself one too, so after a lot of deliberation I picked up Relentlessly Red. 

I also went on a mini spree in Target when I first got to Indiana, and picked up this berry coloured Wet n Wild lipstick in Cherry Picking for $2, an e.l.f Lip Stain in Hot Tamale for $2, and e.l.f liquid eyeliner in black for $2 and I also grabbed an EOS lip balm whilst there too.

I knew that I wanted to grab something from Sephora, but wasn't quite sure what. I popped into Sephora in Toronto with Kelsey, and she told me about their cream lip stains. I picked up Strawberry Kissed (a matte, bright pinky red) whilst there for 14 Candian Dollars (£7) and also wanted Always Red (a very Taylor Swift red) but they didn't have it in stock. I ended up picking up that shade when I found it in Chicago, as I loved the first one I bought. 

I could have bought a lot more, but knew I needed to restrict myself due to lack of space  in my case. I also picked up a few bits of clothing, and then had some other things to bring home that Emily and her mum bought me for when I landed in America. I'll definitely be leaving more space in my case next time I go!

Sophie x

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