Friday, September 25, 2015

I got glasses! *

Back in July, Transitions Lenses invited me to Eyeworks London's 5th birthday celebrations. I got to go along, try on lots of pairs of glasses and pick out a pair of frames to take home. Now, I hadn't actually had my eyes tested prior to the event, and wasn't sure if I definitely needed glasses, but turns out I did. It was lots of fun trying on all of the frames, although extremely odd seeing myself in glasses for the first time.

After picking out my frames, I then headed back to Eyeworks London a few weeks later to get my eyes tested. I was a little nervous, but the optician was lovely and I felt very comfortable. I then got my glasses through the week after, and love them.

The frames I chose are this teal pair from SALT Optics, and they were fitted with Transitions Optical's XTRActive lenses. 

Transitions adaptive lenses continually adapt to changing light, enhancing everything you see, and the new Transitions XTRActive technology additionally allows the lenses to conveniently darken behind the windscreen of a car. 

The new XTRActive lenses are available in three shades - grey, brown and Graphite Green, but we thought the frames I chose best suited the grey lenses. 

Having tried out my glasses for a couple of months, I have to admit I absolutely love them. I mainly wear them for working on a computer all day, as well as when I'm reading, but I also wear them out and about. It's honestly amazing that you barely notice the transition happening, and all of a sudden you're wearing sunglasses.

I think for me, I've found the Transitions lenses the most valuable whilst driving. I've just started driving lessons, and being able to sit wearing the same pair of glasses without switching between sunglasses is so useful. They transition to the level needed, depending on how sunny it is, without me having to do a thing.

Thank you so much Transitions Lenses, Eyeworks London and SALT Optics - I love being able to see properly again!

Sophie x

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