Monday, September 28, 2015

After You & Meeting Jojo Moyes

Last year I read a book that I fell deeply in love with. I read a lot, but this was one book I both couldn't put down and didn't want to finish. It was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

I loved the story, I loved the way Jojo wrote it, and I fell in love with Lou and Will's stories. I sobbed my heart out reading it, and even more so when I realised it was over. 

When I found out that After You was being released, I knew I'd be reading it as soon as it was out, and then I spotted on Jojo's website a few weeks ago that there was a launch event at Waterstones Picadilly. I couldn't resist getting myself a ticket, all be it a little nervous to be going alone. 

The event was last Thursday, and after sitting in the audience and chatting to the lovely ladies around me, I sat and watched Jojo speak so passionately about After You and Me Before You. You can watch the entire interview from the launch event here (there are spoilers if you haven't read Me Before You!)

I then got my book signed, and got to meet Jojo who is honestly one of the loveliest people ever. 

I got home and didn't have time to start the book, but got the audio book to start listening to on my way to work Friday morning. I listened to two chapters in the morning, and then I didn't stop listening between finishing work on Friday until Saturday night, other than when I was sleeping. I was absolutely hooked.

Without giving too much away, I absolutely adored the book, and hearing more of Lou's story after Will. I laughed, I cringed and of course I cried. Again, I didn't want to finish it, but being able to find out what happened to Lou really made everything come together. 

If you haven't read Me Before You, then I'd say go and buy it now and read it, and if you have, definitely get After You to read. Both books were incredible, and After You has joined Me Before You in my most favourite books.

Sophie x

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