Monday, August 24, 2015

#SophAcrossThePond - 48 Hours in New York

The final part of my North America trip was a speedy visit to New York. I headed there alone from Chicago on a 17 hour coach ride, and spent 48 hours in the city by myself. I knew there were a lot of things I wanted to do, and tried to squeeze as many of them in as I possibly could. I didn't really do anything the evening I got there, as I headed into Manhattan (I was actually staying in Jersey City) and to the Empire State building. It was way too cloudy to even bother going up, so I grabbed some snacks and headed back to the airbnb I was staying in. 

The next morning, I decided to wake up super early so I could cram as much as possible in. I was up and out by 8:30am, and headed over to the 9/11 memorial site. I knew I wanted to see it, but couldn't face the museum as I was short for time and also flying home the next day, but the memorial fountains were breathtaking. They are so simple, yet so incredibly moving. It was also great seeing the new One World Trade Center.

I then headed down to Jack's Wife Freda for a spot of lunch, as it'd been recommended by multiple friends. It was so good - I got the Portuguese chicken sandwich, and a fresh cantaloupe melon juice. 

After lunch, I headed to the Empire State Building. I was so glad I ended up doing it on my main day there, as it was SUCH beautiful weather, and the views were incredible. My Sleepless in Seattle inner fan girl got way too excited when I was there, and it was just such an awesome experience.

I then headed down to Times Square and Broadway, and decided to try and get a rush ticket for a Broadway show. I knew that Gigi was having it's last performance a few days later, and as it wasn't something I could see over in London I decided that'd be the one to try. I missed out on the official rush tickets, but got a last minute ticket for $35 (around £20) for that evening. I walked around Times Square a little before having to head back for the show, and did a little bit of shopping. The show was incredible, and although we were right at the back of the theatre, both me and the girl I was sat next to managed to move forward a good few rows half way through. I was super tired and hot by the end of the day, but decided to head to the stage door to meet Vanessa Hudgens who was in it.

Unfortunately, it was super gloomy/rainy the next day, and as I only had a few hours before having to trek to the airport, I decided to see a few of the smaller bits I wanted to see rather than spending them in Central Park. I went shopping and spent a little too much in Bath & Body Works, and then headed to Grand Central Station. I then headed to Macy's for a bit, and as they had a one day sale I bought two more pairs of Keds (my North America haul will be coming soon!) before heading to see the Rockerfeller Center and grabbing some Five Guys for lunch. 

My two weeks in North America were honestly the best two weeks I've ever had, and I loved every minute of them. I can't believe I got back two months ago, and I cannot wait to go back. I'll definitely be heading back to New York as 48 hours just wasn't long enough!

Sophie x

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