Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July Favourites

I honestly can't believe we're well into August. This year has been going ridiculously fast, and it really is becoming the best year of my life. Although I'm a little late with this one, as we're already a third of the way into August, here are some of the things I was loving in July.

Floral Print Bikini
I picked up this absolutely adorable bikini from Matalan. I really do struggle to find decent bikinis in my size, that aren't a ridiculous price, so coming across this top and bottoms for £10 and £8 with free delivery to the Oxford Street store really was a winner for me. The bottoms are high waisted, which I absolutely love, and the top is such a lovely fit with good, supportive straps (most high street brands have flimsy straps that do nothing!) I haven't had the chance to wear it much yet, but I've been admiring it in my wardrobe lots.

Scrubbing Me Softly by Zoella Beauty
I know people really have mixed feelings about Zoe's beauty range, but I really love every product I've tried including this lovely body scrub from the new Tutti Frutti range. It smells absolutely divine, and is such a lovely scrub. It's got really small bits in it, which makes it really scrubby and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I honestly can't fault this product, so if you're looking for a new body scrub then it's worth giving it a try!

What If
I think this might be my most favourite film of all time. I know that's probably hard to believe, as I have a list of 10 films that I struggle to find a favourite out of, but I honestly love this film/the story. What If is set in Toronto (although there it's called The F Word) and watching it back this past month has made me miss the place so much. We even went to the George Street Diner, which is where they go in the movie. It's such a feel good film, and I feel like I could go on about it all day. My only advice to you on this one... watch it!

Nike Air Max Fusion
For a lot of people that know me, featuring a pair of trainers in my favourites will come as a surprise. I picked these beauties up from the Nike outlet store in Wembley in preparation for my Gherkin Challenge for the NSPCC next month, and I absolutely LOVE them. I honestly have never been a huge fan of trainers, so much so that I had the same pair throughout high school, but these make me feel like I am walking on clouds. I've been enjoying wearing them, and the colour is just a huge bonus.

Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves
If you haven't heard the wonder that is Kacey Musgraves, you should definitely give some of her music a listen to, (My blog title comes from this song.) This is her second album, and it's just as fantastic as the first. I love country music, and have honestly been listening to this album every day since it was released. Go and listen, you won't be disappointed!

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