Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#SophAcrossThePond - Niagara Falls

After a lovely few days in Toronto, the next stop on my trip to Canada was a 2 day visit to Niagara Falls. I had my first taste of Tim Horton's, we took cute bestie pictures by the falls, and stayed in a creepy motel and didn't get murdered. 

We also got to go to Hershey's Chocolate World (I didn't buy anything, because Hershey's is gross compared to Cadburys), took a picture by a big blue moose that was the same colour as my jeans, and then went back to see the falls at night.

The next day we took more cute (yet super wind-swept) pictures by the falls, and then went exploring to take even more pictures. That's what being a blogger is all about, obviously. 

I really enjoyed the trip to the falls, and although I don't feel like I'd need to go back the next time I'm in Ontario, it's great to say I've seen them!

Sophie x

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