Thursday, July 30, 2015

#SophAcrossThePond - Indiana & Chicago

After saying my fairwells to Kelsey in Canada, I hopped on a plane to Chicago, to visit my friend Emily. Emily came over to London five years before, and we'd kept in touch since so it was great to finally visit her and her family. Her mum snapped this cute picture when I landed at the airport. 

Emily actually lives in North-West Indiana, rather than in Chicago itself, so the trip meant I got to visit a few states in one go. The first day was full of catching up, a little shopping (I fell in love with Bath and Body Works, of course!) and then some great food. We went to Schoop's for my first American burger, took a quick trip to the lake and then in the evening headed to Buffalo Wild Wings with Emily's friend Alyssa to watch one of the Chicago Hawks hockey games.

On my second day in Indiana, we headed to IHOP, because one of my only requests whilst I was there was to get some proper pancakes. I had the white chocolate and raspberry and my gosh were they delicious. I still dream about them. We then headed to Chicago with Emily's Nan who took us on a boat tour. It was such a great way to see the city!

Our last stop before grabbing some dinner and driving home was visiting the Cloud Gate in Chicago, which most people know as the bean. It was another thing on my list to see, so it was great being able to stop by. I got the classic picture, and then we got one in front of it too. 

Also, how cute is my dress? I picked it up in Old Navy in Canada for next to nothing. It's super comfy and I must admit, I totally fell in love with that store too!

Sophie x 

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