Friday, May 08, 2015

What's in my (holiday) makeup bag?

I go to Canada (and then America) 4 weeks today, and I am so excited! I'm already super prepared, so thought I'd show you what I'm taking in my makeup bag.

So firstly, I am a little in love with this makeup bag. I know, judgement are welcome for the fact that it's a Zoella one, but I love guinea pigs and so my parents bought it for me for my birthday. It's a great size, and can fit in everything I need to take with me. Here's what I'll be taking in it...


Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation* - I absolutely love it. This is my go-to foundation, and I love that I'm being kind to my skin. It gives a nice light coverage, perfect for hot weather and is completely chemical free.

Lush Colour Supplements in Light Yellow - I'm taking this as a bit of extra coverage for days/evenings that I need it. Again, a natural foundation to be nice and kind to my skin.

Sleek Face Form in Light - Although I probably won't bother with contouring too much, I'm still taking my contour palette with me for when I want to give my face some extra definition.

Dusty Girls "Sunshine" Natural Mineral Bronzer* - Another product from Dusty Girls that I absolutely adore. I'll be wearing this to give my face that sunshine glow, and so that I don't look extremely pale compared to my really tanned friends!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Just for those days when I need a little bit of coverage. I'm going to try not to wear this, but at least I'll have it just in case.


Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit - My complete go-to brow product, perfect to fill in the gappy parts of my already quite full brows.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Finally... - I mainly use this as a quick base for my lids to stop  my eyeliner smudging. It gives a natural look with a little shimmer, and it's perfect for a quick eye look.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze - This is my other eyeshadow for days when I want a little more colour and sparkle. Again, I'll just be sweeping it right over the eyes for a quick and easy look.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - I don't go anywhere without eyeliner, so this is definitely an essential. I picked this eyeliner up at the recommendation of Olivia, and I have seriously been loving it.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara* - Because mascara is super important, and this is my current favourite.


MooGoo Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm* - This is definitely a holiday essential, if not a life essential. It smells delicious and leaves my lips feeling great.

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Lip Shine* - This is for the days when I can't be bothered to go for a bright lipstick - it gives such a lovely but natural looking shine. 

Lord & Berry Lip Balm & Primer - I'm not sure how much of a difference this product makes, but it leaves my lips super soft and prepared for lipstick application, so it's a must. 

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red - I got that red lip classic thing that you like. A red lip is an essential, obviously.

Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Lipstick in Fuscia - This was a gift from Kelsey, as they don't sell it in the UK and it's another essential lip colour of mine. I love it, and will be picking up more over there for sure!

Lipcote* - Although mine looks an absolutely awful colour, my lipcote is probably my most used lip product, as it's the only thing that keeps my lipstick looking perfect all day long.

So that's everything I'm taking, and although I'd consider all of them essentials, it does seem like quite a lot. I've also forgot to factor in the makeup I'll be buying over there, but oh well! What are your holiday beauty essentials?

Sophie x

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