Sunday, May 03, 2015

April Favourites

This year has been literally racing by, and I'm still loving pretty much everything that's happened in it so far. I'm so glad that May will hopefully mean lots more sunshine, and nicer weather, and it's such a busy month for me so I'm excited it's here. Here are some of my favourite things for April...

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I know, I know, I'm extremely late to the party on this one. I've seen other bloggers talking about this cleanser for ages now, and I decided to pick it up when I went on a mini shopping trip at the start of the month. I honestly can see where the hype comes from, because this product works wonders. My face has honestly never looked so clear, and along with a few other skincare favourites, I think I've finally found a great routine. I love the scent, the way it works and how it leaves my face feeling - definitely found a cleanser that I'm sticking to from now on!

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation*
After trying the Earth Cream a little while back, I really loved the sound of the Mineral Foundation and couldn't wait to get my hands on some. It's such a lovely product, and just glides on my face giving a nice natural coverage without clogging up my face and giving me spots. The thing I loved the most is that even though my skin is fairly dry, the powder doesn't make it look or feel dryer, but in fact doesn't appear to cling to dry skin like every other foundation I seem to try does. It feels fab using such natural products on my skin to keep it looking great in the future.

Owl Phone Case by Headcase Designs
Being one of the many people that don't have an iPhone, I surprisingly found it fairly difficult to find a case for my phone that I liked. There were lots of gel/leather cases, but nothing that had a design on it, like the 1000s you can get for an iPhone. This case was such a great price, and there were so many styles to choose from that would fit my phone. I love it and will definitely be buying another once this one eventually breaks.
Olympus OM-D E-M10
I had put off buying a new camera for a while, as I was getting by fine with the camera on my phone, but after a lovely rebate from the tax man, I decided to treat myself. Having used DSLRs at uni, I knew that I wanted something up to that standard, but something quite compact, and settled for this Olympus camera. I was initially looking at the EPL-7, as a lot of bloggers have it, but I didn't like the fact that it had no viewfinder or built in flash. This camera has both, wasn't too much more in terms of price and is just a lovely camera to use. I love that I have the option of buying other lenses in the future, and it's just a great camera to get lovely shots for the blog, as well as something to take on my big trip next month. 

Blog - She Did What She Wanted
I have mentioned my lovely friend Kelsey a fair few times on the blog (and I am off to see her in Canada next month, so I'm sure she'll feature more!) but she has recently started writing blogs for She Did What She Wanted along with a group of other lovely ladies. It's a place for a group of young women to express their thoughts and views as they're leading different lives. It's so full of positivity, great writing and some really great advice.

Hula Hooping
I have found a new form of exercise that I truly can't get enough of - hula hooping. I was somewhat inspired by the Hula Fit blogger event that I couldn't attend in the end and decided to buy myself a hula hoop. I initially bought a massage hoop, which has little 'pods' that are meant to help work the muscles (and quite frankly hurt), and then my mum bought a normal weighted hoop a few weeks later so we could properly get into it. I have not missed a day since we got the new hoop, and love spending just 10 minutes each evening trying to hoop as many times as I can in that time frame. It's so much fun, and minus the initial bruising it's a really great way to exercise.

Sophie x

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