Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lush Oxford Street & Mini Haul

On Friday, I ventured down to the brand new Lush store on Oxford Street, London as I knew it was something every Lush fan should experience. I was truthfully a little overwhelmed, having only ever shopped in relatively small Lush stores, and it was just super exciting. 

The store itself is three stories - yes three! There is a Spa down on the bottom floor, and they offer all the treatments that they've had in the other Lush Spa's around the country. There's also a perfume gallery down there at the moment (I'm not sure if it's permanent) where you can learn the story behind some of the Gorilla perfumes. If you haven't yet smelt Sun, then it's a definite must - it smells like happiness in a bottle.

There are over 100 new and exclusive products in this Lush store, and I was in there for two hours looking at them all. There are lots of new bath bombs, solid lipsticks (which I now wish I bought) and just some other really cool products like soap paper. They're all really inventive, and I could have bought every new product but managed to limit myself to just four.

Being a huge fan of bath bombs already, I knew that those were the products I wanted to pick up, so got one of Frozen, Cyanide Pill, Yoga Bomb and Lava Lamp. All of them smell incredible, and I can't wait to try them all.

Frozen - Inspired by the movie, this uplifting blend of grapefruit and Tunisian neroli will thaw the frostiest of hearts.

Cyanide Pill - The smell of this bomb is incredible. It's got an almond scent to it, and smells just like a glass of Amaretto. Yum.

Yoga Bomb - This is a relaxing bath bomb, perfect for the morning after a night with too many Jager Bombs. 

Lava Lamp - This is the bomb I tried first, as I just loved the scent. It smells like someone has just started peeling an orange, and it also creates the most amazing effect in the bath. 

I honestly don't know how I stopped myself from buying anything else, because there were so many amazing new products, but I will definitely be taking another trip to the store in the near future. It's just an incredible experience, even if you don't buy anything, and all the staff seemed so helpful and willing to demonstrate almost every product possible.

Sophie x

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10 comments on "Lush Oxford Street & Mini Haul"
  1. I'M SO JEALOUS YOU WENT. I need to go ASAP! I also can't believe they're finally doing candles! I've been tweeting them for what seems like forever telling them to make candles haha! Definitely need to take a trip down to London to get my hands on some of their new things! xxx

    Rhianna | robowecop

  2. I'm so lucky I only work about 20 minutes away, but I'm trying to not spend too much before my holiday, so that was hard. The candles are amazing, I will definitely have to pick one up at some point - they're set in bamboo, so cool! Definitely take a trip when you're next down, just be prepared to spend hours in there :) x

  3. I am so desperate to go, unfortunately I don't live anywhere near London! All the new products look amazing, need to make a trip soon!

  4. So jealous!! I'm about half an hour away on the train so I may venture down when exams have finished!!
    Estelle x -

  5. It's honestly amazing. Some of the products are meant to be coming up on too I believe! x

  6. If you're that close it's definitely worth a trip. Good luck with your exams too :) x

  7. This is such a great post. I'm so jealous, I want to go! lol
    Hayley x

  8. I want to visit soooo bad! It looks amazing! :) I can't believe candles are £25! They best smell amazing!

  9. It's all so lovely in there. I can't wait to go back! x

  10. It's honestly amazing. We'll go next time you're down! I liked the smell of two of the candles, but wasn't a fan of the third. I think it was Exhale that I didn't like - the third is a Creme Brulee one that you can't see on the picture x