Sunday, April 12, 2015

A flying visit to Exeter

One of my goals for my year of being 22 was to visit somewhere new in the UK, so when I heard that my lovely friend Sophie was going to be in the Exeter Musical Society production of Sister Act, I couldn’t resist a trip down there.
I went down to Exeter at the end of March for the opening night of the show, and because it was the opening night I had about 5 hours to kill walking around the town whilst Sophie was in dress rehearsals. I walked round the town, went into lots of lovely shops and took a walk by the Cathedral. It was lovely just spending some time walking round and exploring a new place, but I was rather tired by the end of it.

Now, I feel like I could just go on and on about this next bit, because Sister Act was absolutely incredible. I was expecting it to be great, as I know how amazing Sophie is (very very proud best friend moment there) but it was even better than most expected from the reactions I heard afterwards. It was the first time they’d performed it to an audience, but they ended up getting a standing ovation and I heard someone say after they don’t know how they can improve it for the rest of the shows and I have to agree – it was amazing!

The next day, I had a lovely amount of time before heading back home at around 5, so we went to some more shops, spotted the Sister Act poster on the back of a bus and then Sophie took me to the Old Firehouse for a pub lunch.

As we’re both huge Harry Potter fans, she knew I’d love it there as it’s the place that J K Rowling used for inspiration when writing about The Leaky Cauldron (she went to university in Exeter) and it was just how I would picture it. The bar downstairs was quite dark and dingy, but they’d dressed it up with lots of fairy lights, and then there was an old creaky staircase going up to another floor. It was lovely, and the food was great too.

I had a chicken burger with chips and Sophie had the fishcakes, and we were so full up by the end of it we both decided against a dessert even though they sounded amazing. The burger was really nice (for a burger) and the chips were some of the best I’ve eaten, so if you get the chance to go if you’re ever down in Exeter then it’s definitely worth it. They also do amazing pizza in the evening from what I’ve heard.

Although it was a very quick visit, which turned out to be not much longer than 24 hours, it was definitely worth it as I had a great time. Exeter is lovely, and I can’t wait to take another trip down there to see more of it (and hopefully Sophie in another show!)
Sophie x 
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4 comments on "A flying visit to Exeter"
  1. I went to Exeter when I was really little but I'd love to go again! Jealous that you got to see Sister Act!! Oh wow, those chips looks SO good!!

    Sarah xxx ||

    1. It's so lovely. I wish I had more time, or explored more in the time I had by myself but I didn't know where to go! They were quite possibly the best chips I've ever had haha! x

  2. i really like exeter - my fam are based down there now.. and i love the musical sister act too!!