Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink Parcel - February

I can't believe it's February already! Although that did mean that my Pink Parcel for the month arrived with lots of lovely treats. The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box for the ladies, that fits around their time of the month. As well as enough towels or tampons for that month, you also get a little box of beauty treats to make you feel better. As February is the month of Valentine's Day, this months box was all love/romance themed.

In every 'for me' box, you get a chocolate bar and a tea bag. This month I got the Divine White Chocolate bar (which clearly didn't last very long!) and the Pukka Love teabag, which I actually already have a box of. This month's box also contained...

Organic Surge skin perfecting face polish (RRP £6.99) 

I was a little sceptical about using this, only because my face is sensitive and so using new products are usually a no-no. It does say on the packaging that it's sensitive skin tested, and having used it once already, my face was fine. My skin is quite dry so I think I'm going to try using this every other day, so it's not too harsh.

MUA Romantic Efflorescence Palette (RRP £4) 

Now I haven't actually tried any of the MUA eye shadows before, but have heard great things about them. This palette has absolutely gorgeous colours in it, all of which I'm most probably going to use, so I'm very excited about getting to try this!

Bellapierre Shadow Brush (RRP £14.99) 

This is possibly my most favourite thing in the box this month, only because it was what I needed. I was on the lookout for a new eye shadow brush, to join the two Real Techniques brushes I already have. This is super soft, a great size and great at applying colour onto the lids.

MAD Glitter Lips File (RRP £1.75)

Nothing beats a glittery nail file really, so this is a great little addition to this months box. I've just been getting more into filing and shaping my nails, so this is perfect.

MAD Pop Heart Lip Balm (£3.99)

This is such a cute little pot (although there's totally no need for the PDA!) and it smells gorgeous (cocoa butter). I'm definitely keeping this in my bag to give my dry winter lips a little love and attention this month. 
Just like last month, the box of treats has been great, and is definitely worth more than the £9.99 you pay for it! I'm so glad I found out about the pink parcel, and will definitely be keeping my subscription!
Sophie x
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4 comments on "Pink Parcel - February"
  1. I seen this last month but couldn't get it so going to pin the pink parcel tab so I remember this payday! I need something like this in my life it''s such a good idea!! Xx

    1. It's such a great parcel! I love that they're sent out at a different time for everyone, so they arrive 2-3 days before you're due on. Let me know what you think of it when you get your first! xx

  2. Such a cool idea! I haven't ever heard of it! :) Treats are needed at that time of month xx

    1. It really is! It's my second box - the first is £5.99 and then it's £9.99 a month from the second month. It's so worth getting :) xx