Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As part of my twenty-two things at twenty-two I decided to set myself the challenge of taking a photo everyday. It can be a photo of anything. Something that makes me happy, a moment in my day or just something I fancy taking a photo of. Here is my first month of being 22.

Highlights: Turning 22; Getting my haircut; Birthday celebrations; Bloggers Meet; Dinner with the uni girls; Reuniting with Sophie.

Sophie x

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4 comments on "1/12"
  1. I don't think my comment just posted? How annoying......

    1. Nope, nothing else came through other than this :(

  2. So I'll go again -

    Ahhh Sophie! I can tell how much warmth and fun is captured in these shots and when you look back on them in 10 years time, I'm sure you will feel the same feelings I now do. You'll remember just how happy life was when you turned 22.

    I was going to do a 365 or a 52 week project on my 21st birthday and now you've just inspired me even more!

    I miss you xx

    1. Thank you! Some days its hard to do and they're boring shots but other days I really enjoy doing it and don't know which to post!

      It's definitely worth doing, as it's a great record to keep!

      Miss you too love! xx