Sunday, January 18, 2015


It was my birthday yesterday, and so I am officially the grand old age of twenty-two! It's strange looking back at when I turned twenty-one, and truthfully how different I was back then. I don't want to say that I changed a lot, because although I did, I now feel more like me than I ever have done.
Although my birthday is so close to the start of the year, I decided to set myself a number of things I want to do in the year, before I turn twenty-three. I thought I'd share them with you, and surprise surprise, there are twenty-two!

Baby Sophie 
one -  Write twenty-two letters. 
two - Start learning to drive. (29/08/15)
three - Read twenty-two books. (I read 16!)
four - Own my first MAC product. (17/01/15)
five - Go to my first bloggers meet up. (31/01/15)
six - Visit somewhere new in the UK. (30/03/15)
seven - Do something spontaneous. (09/04/15)
eight - Change my hairstyle. (22/01/15)
nine - See Kelsey. (05/06/15)
ten - Take a photo everyday for the year. (I got to about 6 months in before stopping)
eleven - Perfect my skin-care routine. (It's getting there!)
twelve - Be happy with myself. (It's getting there!)
thirteen - Take up a new hobby. (Does driving count?!)
fourteen - Start and finish watching a new TV series. (I re-watched all of Gilmore Girls - that counts right?)
fifteen - Visit America. (12/06/15)
sixteen - See a movie at the Pillow Cinema.
seventeen - Get into a good sleep pattern. (It's getting there!)
eighteen - Watch twenty-two new movies. 
nineteen - Do something for charity. (06/09/15)
twenty - Go to London Zoo. 
twenty-one - Get my first manicure. (31/01/15)
twenty-two - Go on a picnic. (07/06/15)
That's my list! I'm looking forward to getting all twenty-two things on the list done in the next 363 days!
Sophie x
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1 comment on "Twenty-two"
  1. I love these sophie :) :) YAY first meet up soon to be crossed off!! I need to get my sleeping in a better pattern. Yes I am posting on here at 12.11 EEEEK, life. But I am seeing you 'tomorrow' how insane is that?!

    Kayleigh xoxo