Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas | Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter is a horrible time when it comes to skin, because mine reacts to the cold so badly. I have quite dry skin anyway, but once the cold kicks in it gets so hard to manage, and keep nice and hydrated. Here are some of the essential beauty products that I use over the winter period.
When it comes to lips, I always have a chapstick or two in my bag, but my go-to product over the winter season is this Aloe Lip Treatment by The Body Shop. My lips get especially dry when it's cold and using this throughout the day gives them all the moisture they need. It's great for sensitive skin too, so it can be used by anyone. It's £5, which is a little pricier than a lot of other lip products, but I've had mine for ages and it seems to last. I got mine in January, as my free birthday gift with my Love Your Body card, so if you've got a birthday this month and have a card it's a great choice.

As much as I love body butters, they just don't seem to do a great deal in the winter months as my skin gets so dry. Eucerin's Intensive Lotion may not be nicest of moisturisers, as a lot of others have amazing scents to them, but it works wonders. I got this when I was having issues with dry skin around my eyes, but it really works great for dry winter skin, as it's quite intensive. I use it before I go to sleep, as it is a little oily, and that way it soaks in and I wake up with lovely soft skin.

So many people forget about their feet, but they are just as important as the rest of the body. I am a lover of all things Soap & Glory but their Heel Genius is possibly my favourite product of theirs. It's another one you use before bed - just give your feet a good coating and put on some cotton socks. If you're one that kicks off socks in the night or can't bare to wear them, you could do it earlier on in the evening when you're relaxing, and take the socks off before bed. I love the smell of this, and it just feels incredible. 

Another favourite of mine from the Aloe range at The Body Shop is this Protective Serum. It's a daily pre-moisturiser, so I put it on in the morning before my moisturiser and make-up to give that extra layer of protection. Although it's for sensitive skin, some areas on my face do tend to sting a little if they're already sore (like round my nose when I have a cold!) but it goes away quite quickly and doesn't irritate it at all. It just gives your face that extra layer of hydration that it needs to get you through the day. 

There are so many great hand creams out there that I use, but at the moment I'm loving this Hand & Nail Cream from Boots. I got the intensive version for very dry skin, which is fragrance free, but they also do a lightly fragranced one for dry skin. At only £1.49 this is a great product to keep in your bag and to protect your hands from getting super dry from the cold weather.

My final winter essential is of course the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This one's a bit like marmite as some people love it and some hate it. It's not really a cream and more of a gel, but is such an all rounder. I tend to use this at night, as it is rather greasy looking when on, but I use it on my hands, face and any super dry patches that need extra attention. It's great and I'll definitely be having to get some more soon as mine's almost finished!

What are your essential beauty items for winter? Leave a comment below and let me know!
Sophie x
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