Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas | Perfect Strangers Project

If you saw my Lovely Letters post a few days ago, you may remember I spoke a little bit about the Perfect Strangers Project by Oh Comely. It happened back in November, and I took part - twice! When you sign up you have the option of picking someone from your country, someone from another country or no preference. I decided it'd be fun to send something to someone in the UK and someone in another country, so signed up twice. 

I sent my parcels out on the 22nd November, and sent similar things in both, although I tried to adapt them based on the little paragraph I got sent from my two strangers. The two parcels of treats then made their way to Claire in West Yorkshire and Teresa in Granada, Spain. I received my parcels back in the week or two after I sent mine. Here are the amazing parcels I got from my strangers.

The first I received was from Claire. She sent me a big box containing so many perfect things for me - tea, things with owls on and some other lovely bits. It was so amazing to see how well someone could know you just from a tiny paragraph you write about yourself.
The second parcel was also wonderful. Teresa sent me a taste of Spain in a box. There was a gorgeous purse, a lovely scarf, some tea and some other lovely bits. I was so excited to receive it, and she also wrote a lovely letter to go with it.
This project was such a wonderful idea, because it was so fun putting together something for someone I didn't really know. It was lovely receiving a little box from a complete stranger that managed to really cheer me up. It's such a great idea and will definitely be taking part next time they do it. I know it's done at least once a year, but it may possibly be twice a year. 

Did you take part in the swap? I'd love to hear all about it! 

Sophie x

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