Sunday, December 07, 2014

Blogmas | Mini LUSH Haul

I have bought a few of the festive limited edition bath bombs from LUSH since they first came out, but decided to buy a few more and do a mini haul/review post on them. 
First up we have Northern Lights. Now this was released for Bonfire Night, rather than Christmas, but just from looking at it I could tell it was going to be incredible so I had to pick one up. I had previously used the Sparkler bath bomb, but thought it would be more of a spectacle than it was so was pretty disappointed. Northern Lights, on the other hand, is incredible. As well as a gorgeous scent, it created the most amazing show in the bath, almost like a firework. There was a rainbow of purple, blue and yellow, and it just looked incredible. 

The next bath bomb I went for was Golden Wonder. I knew that this one was going to be exciting to watch in the bath, and I wasn't wrong. It's coated in a gold lustre, and when you shake it you can tell it's hollow with something inside. As soon as I dropped it into the bath the gold came off, the white bow at the top broke off and all of a sudden the bath was turning a gorgeous teal colour, with random explosions of other bright colours that were hidden inside. The majority of this one fizzed away quite fast, but the white bow floated around for a while. The scent of Golden Wonder was a delicate citrus and it was extremely refreshing!

When I bought the Dashing Santa I wasn't expecting too much of a spectacle, as it seemed a lot like the style of Ickle Baby Bot, but I was pleasantly surprised. This bath bomb has a refreshing citrus scent like Golden Wonder, and is a slow fizzer, creating a swirl of red, yellow and white. It isn't the most exciting bath bomb, but it was nice to watch and I was a lot more impressed with it than I expected to be.

I was super excited to use Father Christmas, as it smelt gorgeous (it has the Snow Fairy scent) and it looked like it would have a surprise inside. It did indeed have a surprise inside, as it turned the bath a rather festive shade of green, however I didn't really enjoy sitting in a green bath as much as I usually like the colours created by bath bombs. I think I'd rather use the Snow Fairy shower gel or Magic Wand bubble bar in the future for the lovely sweet scent, as I was a little put off by the green!

As you can probably tell, bath bombs are the only thing I really buy from LUSH, but I'd love to know what other products you love and would recommend! Have you tried out any of the other Christmas products? Let me know!

Sophie x

2 comments on "Blogmas | Mini LUSH Haul"
  1. I love the 'Let the good times roll' face scrub! it smells amazing because its made with popcorn and it leaves your face feeling sooo soft!!!!

    1. Oooh popcorn scented? That does sound amazing! I may have to go in and give it a try :)