Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogmas | Lovely Letters

This post was originally written by me and published on Shop Wanderlust.

One of the things that truly makes me happy in life is receiving and sending letters. It’s probably because we’re in an age where technology is used so much more now, and it’s a lot quicker, so the idea of a handwritten letter just has a little magic about it. 

I love sitting down with a pen and piece of paper, but it saddens me that people are sending less letters these days. I have a box in my room full of letters, cards and postcards that I’ve received, and they’re great to look at when I’m feeling down. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but for me, receiving a letter from someone always puts a smile on my face because I know that there has been an extra bit of thought and love that’s been put into it, compared to a quick text or email.

It doesn’t have to be something incredible; it could be a postcard if you go away somewhere, a letter to say hello or even a little package of something – all of which would remind the receiver that you’ve been thinking of them.

I recently came across two lovely projects that reminded me just how important sending post can be. The first is the Perfect Strangers Project by Oh Comely – you sign up and get paired with someone either from your country or somewhere else in the world. Each person sends their partner a ‘care’ box made up of things that meet a small budget. It’s not got to cost you a lot, but it’s just the idea of sending someone a box of things to put a smile on their face that is so wonderful.

The other project I came across was One Million Lovely Letters. After developing M.E, Jodi Ann Bickley decided that she would use her spare time to write lovely letters to those that need cheering up. Her idea is such a simple concept, and if more people simply took a little bit of time to write a lovely letter to someone to remind them that they are a great person, and that they are loved, then the world could be a lovelier place.

So go on, put down your phone or stop writing that email for five minutes, and write someone a lovely letter to say hello. I know I’d like to receive one, wouldn't you?

Sophie x

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