Sunday, November 02, 2014

October Favourites

Hello November! It's crazy that it's November already - just two months left of 2014! This year has gone so quickly, and although it has had its ups and downs I really will be sad to see it go. I am quite amazed that I have managed to get a favourites post up so close to the previous month for once, so I hope you enjoy!

Taylor Swift - 1989 D.L.X

If you know me, it'll be no shocker that this is on here! Taylor's new album 1989 was released on the 27th and in those five days it's quite possibly become my favourite thing on October. Her usual country sound has gone and this entire album is influenced by late 80s pop - and she's completely nailed it! If you haven't liked Taylor's sound previously, it's definitely worth giving it a listen, as I've seen so many people change their minds on her with this album. The album has such cute packaging, and you even get a pack of 13 polaroid pictures (there are 5 different sets) - the deluxe album comes with three extra tracks and three voice memos. I don't want to go into the tracks, because I could do a whole blog post about them, but I can honestly say there isn't one track on the whole record that I don't like. Each song is great for its own reasons, and although I have a favourite (track 13 - Clean ft. Imogen Heap,) they all come close!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I was really excited to read this, as I'd heard everyone raving about it and I was so glad I did. I'm not going to spoil the twist/ending for anyone because I managed to get through it without finding it out, but I would say that if you want to read it it's worth steering clear of the film until you have. I can't really say much else without giving too much away, but it really is a great read, and even if you don't usually go for books like this (just like I wouldn't) don't decide against it until you've given it a chance - I did and loved it! Once I've got through my mass of unread books on my shelf & e-reader I am definitely going to give one of Gillian Flynn's other books a go.

Makeup Revolution Nail Polish - Devil Inside (10) & Heaven's Above (05)

Now I'm not going to go too much into these, as I'm hoping to do a review post of the brand soon, but I really am loving these nail polishes this month. Both of the colours are gorgeous and perfect for autumn/winter. They go on really well, and I only used two coats for each, which gave enough coverage. Devil Inside is a great nude colour, with a slight pink/purple hint to it, and is great for times where you don't want to go for anything too dark. Heaven's Above is my favourite shade out of the two, and is the gorgeous plum colour. The best thing about them is that they're only £1 each and are definitely amazing value for money! 

Matte Top Coat - Barry M

As you can tell, I've been loving painting my nails this month! This top coat has literally changed my life. Usually I love a shiny finish on my nails, but decided to give this top coat a go - and I'm so glad I did! I picked mine up in a buy one get one half price offer at boots, but even if there is no offer on it only retails at £2.99. This top coat is great for those times where you want to give your nails a new lease of life a few days after you paint them as it makes them look completely different. I've also found it's great when you don't have too much time to let your nails completely dry, as a quick layer of this on top of touch-dry nails will dry them almost instantly. The only thing I have struggled with a few times is missing tiny parts of the nail which has left bits of shiny polish at the edge of the matte. Other than that, it's great, and I think I'll be rocking the matte nail look for a good few months!

So those are my favourite things for October! Let me know if you've tried/read/listened to any of them, and what your favourites were this month if they were different to mine. 
Sophie x
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