Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Makeup Revolution Review

I first found out about Makeup Revolution back in August when I won a few of their products in She Dreams' (was Fairygobmother) birthday giveaway. I hadn't really bought any new beauty products at the time, and had just gotten into doing my makeup a bit more, so I was happy to try them out. I have since bought a few more of their products, so thought I'd do a little review for you. Makeup Revolution products are affordable beauty products that start from £1 and are available in Superdrug and on their own online store.

Focus & Fix Brow Kit in Light - Medium - £2.50

This product is definitely my favourite of theirs that I own, and as you can see from the photo it's been used quite a bit. This is one of the only brow kit's I've ever really used, but it's brilliant and such great value for the price. I don't always fill in my eyebrows (and do even less now because of the return of my fringe) but when I do this is such a brilliant product to use. I don't use the lightest shade as it's too light for me, but the medium is great for a daytime look, and the dark gives that extra oomph for a night out. The kit comes with a great little brush which makes the process so much easier, and a miniature pair of tweezers which are handy if you're out and about. It's a great size and has a good size mirror too - perfect to take out in your bag with you. I am definitely going to have to get another once I hit pan on this one, because for £2.50 you really can't go wrong!

Powder Blush in Wow! - £1

Now I was a little torn as to whether I should include this product in this post, as truthfully I'm not a huge blush wearer. I have to admit though, this blush is such a gorgeous colour, and has a wonderfully silky texture. When I have used it I've been happy with the outcome - it's rather pigmented for such a low cost product, and it blends very well. I can't really say much else, but please let me know if you've tried it and what you think of it!

Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer in 03 Light - £2

So I actually won the slightly cheaper Liquid Concealer in Fair from She Dreams' competition, and liked it so much that when it was almost finished I went out and got what I thought was another (slightly darker) shade, when in fact it was the Focus & Fix concealer instead. Now to be truthfully honest, other than the colour I cannot notice much difference between the two, although feel that this one gives a slightly better cover on spots (although again, this could just be because it's darker.) As a budget concealer though it's pretty good, although isn't great at covering redness, but I mainly use this for under my eyes. It blends well, although I do sometimes need a couple of applications for the coverage I want to achieve. I have heard that it's very similar to Collection's concealer, which I have heard a lot of people rave about, so I will definitely have to give that a try and compare the two!

Nail Polish in Devil Inside, Lilac Love and Heaven's Above - £1 Each

Now you may remember I included both Devil Inside & Heaven's Above back in my October favourites a few weeks ago, and I absolutely loved them. The risky thing I've found with the Makeup Revolution Nail Polishes though is that some colours are great - they are a great colour, go on smoothly and are pretty opaque - but some are absolutely awful. I won Lilac Love in the giveaway, and really haven't gotten along with it - I'm not a huge fan of the colour and it goes on horribly. My friend Chloe found the same thing with a blue polish that she got (we think it was called Love Me True but it's not online anywhere) and she really didn't get on well with it. I'm also not 100% sure which bottle style is the newest, as Superdrug has polishes in both bottle types, but personally I prefer the square bottles! At only £1 each though, it's worth the risk of not knowing if the polish will be great or awful, as you may end up finding a colour that goes on beautifully!

Overall I have had quite positive outcomes with the Makeup Revolution products, especially for the low prices that they are! I am definitely going to have to give some of their other products a go - have you tried any yourself? If so, let me know what you recommend and if there are any that you didn't get along with at all!
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