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September Favourites

I know I did a favourites post only a couple of weeks ago now, but as that one was late I thought I'd try and get this one up on time. September was a busy month for me, as I went away to Mallorca with my parents and then started doing some work experience whilst still on the job hunt. Saying that, my favourites this month are all either beauty or book based, because that's what I've spent my spare time doing. I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter books (I'm up to book 5!) and then have a few more on my shelf to read, but if anyone has any suggestions for what to read next then I'd love to hear them!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Almond

As the summer is over and we're well and truly in Autumn, I was on the hunt for more of a muted nail colour and stumbled across this gorgeous Barry M shade. I am not a fan of the darker colours, so was looking for a pale but autumnal shade, rather than a burgundy or pumpkin. This polish is absolutely gorgeous. I have a few of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine's already, but I'm pretty sure this is my favourite. It glides on my nails and after 2 generous coats I'm left with this gorgeous purple-y nude tone on my nails. It's great value at only £3.99 (but was in the buy one get one half price offer when I got it!) and I think I'll be wearing it constantly for the next few months.

Bourjois Liner Feutre in Ultra Black

I have a love/hate relationship with liquid eyeliner, because it's the one bit of my makeup that I cannot go out without wearing, yet I just couldn't find one I loved... until I stumbled across this Bourjois one. I find felt tip liners the easiest to use personally, but have tried almost every single high street brand going and it wasn't until I came across this one that I was actually impressed with any of them. A lot of felt tip liners don't come out as a true black shade, but this one does just that. It's so easy to apply, glides right on and gives you the perfect true black line that stays all day. It retails at £6.99, which isn't too bad, but I managed to get mine on Amazon for £4.99!

Barry M Lip Paint in Genie

Now this green lipstick doesn't look too appealing to the eye, but as soon as you put it on it turns into a unique pink shade, all depending on the Alkaline levels of your lips. For me it creates a gorgeous raspberry shade, which I absolutely love! I had seen this lipstick around for a while, but never thought of trying it out until I won one off of the lovely team at Pout PR. It has a lovely finish and stays on for hours, and has definitely become one of my favourite lipsticks. It retails at £4.49 and is definitely worth it in my opinion! I'd happily pick up one of these now I've tried the magic!

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Someone Who's Been There by Cheryl Strayed

I first heard of Cheryl Strayed back in February when I read Wild as part of the book club that me and Kelsey started back in January (and sadly gave up on a few months after!) I then heard about this book a few months ago from Kelsey, but never got into it until my break up at the start of September. This book has literally been my go-to this month. Full of advice and stories from Cheryl, it truly is one of the best books you should read. It's full of humour, great lessons, kindness and wisdom - I laughed, I cried and at the end of it, I realised that I'm going to be okay. I truthfully think every twenty-something year old should read it, because it will change your life for the better. 

The Pointless Book

I couldn't bring myself to not include this in my favourites, even though I only got it at the end of the month, because it is such a little gem. This book by YouTuber Alfie Deyes is a kind of activity book, in which Alfie has put together pages with things for you to do. You can complete it in any order, and the things in it are just what it says on the cover - Pointless! It also comes with an app that shows you some of the pages filled in by Alfie himself, as well as videos and some hidden challenges. It's such a laugh to fill out, and the type of book that can sit on your bedside table for you to complete a page or two of at a time. I absolutely love it! It's RRP is £8.99 but you can currently get it on Amazon for £3.85, so make sure you act fast!

I hope you enjoyed my beauty & book themed favourites for September. What things were you loving this month? Also I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the lovely comments from people saying how much they love my blog - it's so great to hear! If you aren't already, please give me a follow on my social media channels listed below to keep up with me and my future posts!

Sophie x

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